An Executive Director's Role...


In relation to the STATE ASSOCIATION:

This relationship is different in each state and is dictated by the source of authority within the state.   Recognition of these differences allows the National Association of State Student Council Executive Directors (NASSCED) to be a resource center of information relative to all the different methods of organization.


In relation to the NASSCED:

The values of membership in this association are:

  1. It provides each director with an opportunity to share successes that each state has with other directors;
  2. It provides each director with an opportunity to receive new ideas concerning conventions, workshops, newsletters, etc.;
  3. It gives each director an opportunity to meet prospective workshop consultants, convention speakers, and resource people from among the group of executive directors.

The association meets twice annually, once at the NASC National Conference and once during the winter (usually in conjunction with the National Association of Workshop Directors). The membership year is from July 1-June 30 with annual dues of $50.00 per member.

A board of directors consists of one executive director from each of the eight regions defined by NASC, to direct the activities of the association.


In relation to the NASC and NASSP:

The State Executive Director is recognized by the National Association of Student Councils (NASC), a program of the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), as the person in each state responsible for student council activities on a statewide basis.

The NASC recognizes the state association as the pivotal organization in student council. Every state association plays a decisive role when it coordinates and provides services to individual schools in its state.

The Executive Director is requested to assist in promotion of the programs, publications, and activities of NASC as well as to receive regular mailings of materials developed to better acquaint the student councils in each state with programs of NASC and the NASSP.

NASC offers itself to the State Executive Director as a resource center aiding the state association in whatever way possible. It offers the legal services of the Office of Legal and Legislative Services.

NASC looks to the Executive Director for valuable assistance in making the student council a real learning experience.



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