Our Leadership Over The Years

The NASSCED Board of Directors consists of one representative selected from each Region as defined by NASSP/NASC, the Past President in a year following the conclusion of his or her term, and various ex-officio members. The Board meets in February or March to set goals, then organizes and conducts a summer meeting at the NASC National Conference in June and the annual Winter Meeting in December for the entire membership.

At the annual Winter Meeting, four of the eight regions select their representatives for two-year terms on the Board. In even years (such as 2016) the even numbered regions select representatives and in odd years (such as 2017) the odd numbered regions select representatives. A reorganization meeting is held the following morning, at which the President and Vice President for the new Board are chosen.

The links below will take you to a listing of recent NASSCED Boards of Directors. Please note that we are still in the researching stage of this project, so sections of this listing may be incomplete.

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